Agatha MP3

First released code from the 90s - Web mp3 organizer/player


Agatha was the first program I wrote with the intent of releasing it and was first released sometime in 1999.  It was also an exercise to learn and do some work in php.  It was initially designed to run in the little embedded browser inside Winamp and allow the streaming and organizing of server-side playlists through a webserver that could be shared with others in a private network.  The initial use was to allow everyone in an office to share a common repository of music and build their own playlists that anyone could listen to. To my surprise it was actually pretty popular as this was way before iTunes or portable mp3 players. So I continued to develop it and added new features… including a ‘play on server’ bit.  The interface got a little more cluttered than I’d like.. but hey it was what it was. I haven’t touched or used this since 04.. just putting it up for nostalgia.

Get it at the sourceforge page!  – As I post this.. 21 downloads this week?!


Main Interface with ‘Play on Server’ Going Along the Top Edge

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