Jared has left the building!

Well I haven’t left just yet… but as of the end of January I will no longer be in the employ of American City Business Journals. After nearly six years with this great company I have decided it’s time to take on some new challenges so as not to get too comfortable. So now I will be joining Mirapoint (maker of carrier grade email systems) as part of their Professional Services team. I will be staying in Charlotte for a while though as this is primarily a telecommuting position… I can do the work from just about anywhere with a good net connection and I’m considering several interesting ways to take advantage of this unique position.

I’m sending this to the friends and contacts I’ve made over the years… you can all continue to reach me at this address as I’m sure our paths will cross again. I will also be available for a small amount of consulting work as time allows

I’m also still interviewing for my replacement.. so if you know any solid linux people in Charlotte have them get in touch asap.

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