CharMeck is broke.. but has money to track our garbage!

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A couple months ago the city left what I thought was a second garbage bin in front of my house.  It took me a week or so to figure out it was actually supposed to be for me.. as I’d not heard about it or expected it.  Turns out it’s a big ‘recycling cart’ which is the same size as the usual rolling garbage cans. I have absolutely no use for it.. so it’s been sitting parked behind my garage.  Today I find out [these carts haveRFID chips that are tied to each street address][2].. for the stated purpose of ‘tracking participation’ with fines to come later for those who aren’t recycling enough.  The city is broke.. but they have money for this kind of social agenda garbage?? (pun included)  It was my understanding that recycling programs were a net loss to the city… and here they are encouraging more of it.  These carts have been appearing in cities across the country this year.. and I’m also wondering if there is more of a story behind that fact.

[2]: 2010/100226RecycleCarts.htm

There is a form on the linked page where you can get them to take the cart back.  So at least for now.. the tracking is optional.