It's a Gusher!

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It strikes me that this oil spill makes a pretty good metaphor for many things wrong right now.  Lets see.. we have the treasury gushing new paper money… congress gushing deficit spending… Fannie May and Freddie Mac continuing to gush bad mortgages..  the border gushing with illegal aliens and wanted terrorists.. Europe is gushing bad sovereign debt and socialist anger.. and of course the literal gusher of the oil which the regime administration has done very little to mitigate.

Obama claims to have been in charge of the oil disaster from day one.. but based on the results I don’t think I’d be saying that too loudly.  What is certain is that the democrat party has been in charge of congress since 2006.. and Obama since 2009 and what do we have to show for all their ‘progressive’ thinking? While things may (or may not) be improving in the short run.. it’s pretty clear that long term we are in a downward spiral.  So far that decline has been a gradual downward slope.. but now the pace of that decline is accelerating and may very well lead to a rapid collapse of the dollar.. and with it much of what we have come to expect as normal life. For more facts and figures check out this nice summary of our pending doom.