Spend Spend Spend Spend Spend

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For every 1 billion the federal government spends we (90 million who actually pay federal taxes) will get a bill for $11.11.  That’s pretty easy math.. so for instance the additional 57 billion of new ‘stimulus’ last week cost us about $633 each. How much did you earn last week?  If they were honest about what they were doing they would send out invoices to all taxpayers every month to cover the new ‘stimulus’.   What makes it worse is that we are borrowing about 40% of every dollar the feds spend which we will also have to pay interest on. The bill for that interest is still TBD as congress shows no intention of paying down our debt any time soon.

For the big stimulus monster last year.. just the principal of 862 billion means that each of us suckers tax payers is getting a bill for about $9577.

Now lets see a show of hands… how many people think federal spending stimulates anything?