bad science

E85 (Ethanol) Sucks!

Two and half years ago I registered the domain because it was clear to me at that point that the big push for more domestic ethanol production and use was a scam. Now finally the very same people who were pushing it back then have finally come clean that it was a bad idea.  Now there have been plenty of people saying this stuff for years.. but it’s nice to know eventually the truth can be recognized.

Bad Science: Cell Phones and Cancer

![]( =320x) Just like the old boondoggle of power lines causing cancer that was finally disproved after years and billions of research (not to mention plenty of screaming headlines and fear mongering) now the target is cell phones and their ‘dangerous radiation’. News flash.. only ionizing radiation is energetic enough to break the chemical bonds that can cause dna damage that can lead to cancer and other medical problems. So what’s the difference between that nasty stuff and what cell phones give off?