OSX Mail App Using Tons of Memory and CPU?

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I’ve been using a mac for a while now and I recently decided to dump Entourage and go to using the native  I noticed a problem though.. within minutes of starting up it would consume several hundred megs of ram and have frequent CPU spikes of 80 to 100%.  If Mail was left open, memory usage would climb above 2 gig with continued CPU spikes.  After much digging I finally found the problem and fixed it.

My idea for stopping the oil leak

Here is my humble contribution for a possible way to cap/contain the oil leak. Kevlar 149 is very tough stuff. The info I could find says it’s good to about 27 million psi tensile modulus which I would hope would be enough to contain the oil. My idea is to have a short custom riser pipe fabricated with pads to anchor hold-down chains and a short steel cone on the bottom to align the pipe over the existing riser.