Radiation Fear Mongering

With all the fear mongering about radiation exposure in media lately I thought it would good to get a little clarity. I found this great chart that breaks down the normal levels of exposure we all get in everyday life and compares it with what’s going on in Japan.. and what happened with the other two major reactor incidents from history. So far.. it’s really not as bad as everyone in the media is making it out to be.

Bad Science: Cell Phones and Cancer

![](http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2538/3998827132_5e52fe5b7d.jpg =320x) Just like the old boondoggle of power lines causing cancer that was finally disproved after years and billions of research (not to mention plenty of screaming headlines and fear mongering) now the target is cell phones and their ‘dangerous radiation’. News flash.. only ionizing radiation is energetic enough to break the chemical bonds that can cause dna damage that can lead to cancer and other medical problems. So what’s the difference between that nasty stuff and what cell phones give off?