Rackable HDAMA Bios Raid Upgrade Files

I picked up an inexpensive server last year from which I now want to re purpose as a FreeNas file server.  This is all fine and good.. but the bios and embedded sata raid drivers were out of date and didn’t support the 2TB drives I wanted to use.  I spent many hours trying to track down the right bios files and Phoenix flash utility to do this update and was finally able to get it done.  The original download sites for most of these are long gone.. so it was a real chore to find the right stuff.  So for those who have this board here are all the required files in one place.

System Rescue CD to the.. rescue!

![]( =160x) Here’s the scenario.. It’s 1 am and I have to shut down a critical linux server to relocate it in a rack to make room for new equipment. It should have been a 5 minute job.. but on powering up the server it refused to boot past printing the word ‘Grub‘ on the screen. This isn’t good.. this server is needed by a couple hundred thousand customers and rebuilding it wasn’t planned or scheduled.