What I do: Dynamic Daily Table Partitions With Postgres

As part of a new and fairly large project I have a need to partition a few postgres tables and have a rolling daily window.  That is.. I want to organize data by a timestamp storing each day in its own partition and maintain 90 days of historical data.  Doing this is possible in Postgresql but it’s not pretty or very clean to set it up.  To simplify the process I wrote this perl script that (when run daily) will pre-create a certain number of empty partitions into the future and remove the oldest partitions from your window.

Open Source Furniture?

In preparing to move I have sold off all my large woodworking tools (table saw, jointer etc) and am left with hand held power tools and my router table. A freind ask me to make them a utility table that had specific dimentions to fit into their new home office layout and this is what I came up with. I designed it in google sketchup and I present here the source files and pictures of the final product released under Copyleft GPL.