Site Facelift

I’ve been working on giving the site a facelift lately.. trying to make it a little more ‘light’… how am I doing? I’ll also be rotating in various photos I’ve taken in the page header. I’ll try to stick to photos I’ve actually taken myself… maybe as an incentive to do more traveling. I’m also trying out apache alternatives.. first lighttpd with fastcgi then nginx.

SANS Network Security 2005

Well after six days of 8 and sometimes 12 hours of classes and presentations I have returned from my first SANS training event. I was taking the Assessing and Securing Wireless Networks class by Josh Wright. As this was my first time at a SANS event.. I wasn’t sure what to expect… but after experiencing it… I am very impressed by the whole event. While the business district of downtown LA wouldn’t be my first choice for something like this.