Global Warming: Still More Scam Than Science

More news from the front… GLOBAL WARMING IS OVER, SAYS EXPERT

Before I get into this article… I want to rebut something else that’s been part of this story. It’s being reported that Dr Richard Muller is a long time AGW (anthropomorphic global warming) skeptic and so the fact that he appears to have done a 180 adds to the drama of the story. In fact this is not true at all.. he never was a skeptic.

In an interview about his book back in 08 he was asked what the next president needed to know about GW and he said:

The bottom line is that there is a consensus the and the president needs to know what the IPCC says. Second, they say that most of the warming of the last 50 years is probably due to humans. You need to know that this is from carbon dioxide, and you need to understand which technologies can reduce this and which can’t. Roughly 1 degree Fahrenheit of global warming has taken place; we’re responsible for one quarter of it. If we cut back so we don’t cause any more, global warming will be delayed by three years and keep on going up. And now the developing world is producing most of the carbon dioxide.

So.. this guy has been in the bag for AGW for years.. and the fact that the exact opposite is being reported far and wide today should cause your little internal red flags to go up.

Now for the relevant quotes from the new article.

Prof Muller, of Berkeley University in California, and Prof Curry, who chairs the Department Of Earth And Atmospheric Sciences at America’s Georgia Institute of Technology, were part of the BEST project that carried out analysis of more than 1.6 billion temperature recordings collected from more than 39,000 weather stations around the world. When Prof Curry heard that Prof Muller was saying that the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) findings would put an end to climate change scepticism for good she was horrified. “This isn’t the end of scepticism,” she exclaimed.In a serious clash of scientific experts Prof Curry has accused Prof Muller of trying to “hide the decline in rates of global warming”. She says that BEST’s research actually shows that there has been no increase in world temperatures for 13 years. This issue is crucial because the levels of carbon dioxide in the air have continued to rise rapidly over the last decade and if temperatures have remained constant during that period it would suggest there is no direct link between carbon gas emissions and global warming. “Whatever it is that is going on here it doesn’t look like it’s being dominated by carbon dioxide,” says Prof Curry.

Indeed she says this global warming standstill since the end of the Nineties – which has been completely unexpected – has wide-reaching consequences for the causes of climate change and has already led many climate scientists to start looking at alternative factors that may have contributed to global warming, other than carbon gas emissions. In particular she has mentioned the influence of clouds, natural temperature cycles and solar radiation.

What she also seems furious about is the way that Prof Muller went about publishing BEST’s results without consulting her and before a proper peer review could be carried out.

DING DING DING… We have a winner here folks!