Ideas To Live By

With all the swirl and finger pointing around the oil leak.. I thought it was a good time to revise a posting from a few years ago. People are stupid There are no authorities No one knows what’s going on No one is really in charge There are exceptions of course… but I find that if you live your life with these ideas in mind you will, more often than not, make better decisions and be less confused by what’s happening around you.

Bad Science: Cell Phones and Cancer

![]( =320x) Just like the old boondoggle of power lines causing cancer that was finally disproved after years and billions of research (not to mention plenty of screaming headlines and fear mongering) now the target is cell phones and their ‘dangerous radiation’. News flash.. only ionizing radiation is energetic enough to break the chemical bonds that can cause dna damage that can lead to cancer and other medical problems. So what’s the difference between that nasty stuff and what cell phones give off?

RFID: The Next Big Thing in Retail and Municipal Surveillance

Continuing on yesterdays posting about RFID recycling bins. It seems our own city council wasn’t aware of the tags either until after the Tara Servatius show where she covered the story (after I scooped her army of research interns). Reading a little more about these.. it seems to be a world wide phenomenon as these chipped cans are showing up in cities and many countries around the world.. with much the same negative reception.

CharMeck is broke.. but has money to track our garbage!

![]( =320x) A couple months ago the city left what I thought was a second garbage bin in front of my house. It took me a week or so to figure out it was actually supposed to be for me.. as I’d not heard about it or expected it. Turns out it’s a big ‘recycling cart’ which is the same size as the usual rolling garbage cans. I have absolutely no use for it.

The Sun is Largely Responsible for Global Warming

If you believe the problem is man made global warming and the solution is Cap and Trade… think again. Like most everything the federal government does this effort is a day late and 500 billion dollars short. Have you noticed how cold the winters have been lately and how mild the summers? Real scientists have noticed too and they have been talking about it for a while now… not that you would notice if you listen to Obama or get your news from the major media.