WBT Next Talker Pitch

The local news talk radio station is having a contest where the winner gets to host their own weekly show. It’s only two hours a week on sunday night.. but it sounded like something that might be fun. So this is my entry. It was recorded and mixed with the open source Ardour digital workstation and the Jack audio sub system under OSX.

Surely it's Time for Something Better: Ron Paul

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A few quotes come to mind when I think about what Ron Paul and the Tea Party ideals represent.  Churchill said: “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”  It seems the media is once again attempting to pick the Republican candidate much as they did last time around with McCain. The media is trying to focus attention exclusively on Perry and Romney… which reminds me a lot of the bit from Futurama where the two clones John Jackson and Jack Johnson were vying for the presidency. Both of these guys represent the old guard of the republican party.. much as McCain did in 08.  This is not 08 though.. this time the stakes are much, much higher and I for one think it’s time to stop settling for the lesser two evils.. it’s time for something better.

E85 (Ethanol) Sucks!

Two and half years ago I registered the domain because it was clear to me at that point that the big push for more domestic ethanol production and use was a scam. Now finally the very same people who were pushing it back then have finally come clean that it was a bad idea.  Now there have been plenty of people saying this stuff for years.. but it’s nice to know eventually the truth can be recognized.

Top 10 Positive Things About The Greek Bailout

Free grecian formula for all Doing it ‘Greek Style’ now involves rioting First step in destroying the EU and the Euro Vacationing in Europe suddenly affordable Productivity of striking Greek workers not much different than usual Irony of the current biggest failing state bailing out the former seat of the Roman empire lost on most Turns the IMF into a leg breaking loan shark scapegoat Gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ getting smaller Giving investors who missed the rally another chance to buy at low prices Money given to Europe can be given back when the US needs bailed out in a few years.