The Sun is Largely Responsible for Global Warming

If you believe the problem is man made global warming and the solution is Cap and Trade… think again. Like most everything the federal government does this effort is a day late and 500 billion dollars short. Have you noticed how cold the winters have been lately and how mild the summers? Real scientists have noticed too and they have been talking about it for a while now… not that you would notice if you listen to Obama or get your news from the major media.

The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

This quote from Voltaire is a good one to keep in mind when you find yourself trapped and unable to make forward progress with something. In particular I’m talking to our ‘best and brightest’ who are running the market and the economy into the ground with their doom and gloom.. and lack of a specific plan. There are lots of good ideas being put out there… just not by anyone in DC.