Small Equipment Rack

Racks for computer or other 19″ gear don’t have to be expensive.. but they usually are. I had a heavy 2U UPS and a few half-depth servers that I wanted to keep together so I built this little rack over a couple nights. It’s made using 3 each 8′ 2x4s and 8′ 1x4s along with some wood glue, wood screws, and some 1/4″ bolts to attach the rack rails to the frame.

Open Source Furniture?

In preparing to move I have sold off all my large woodworking tools (table saw, jointer etc) and am left with hand held power tools and my router table. A freind ask me to make them a utility table that had specific dimentions to fit into their new home office layout and this is what I came up with. I designed it in google sketchup and I present here the source files and pictures of the final product released under Copyleft GPL.