Small Equipment Rack

Racks for computer or other 19″ gear don’t have to be expensive.. but they usually are. I had a heavy 2U UPS and a few half-depth servers that I wanted to keep together so I built this little rack over a couple nights. It’s made using 3 each 8′ 2x4s and 8′ 1x4s along with some wood glue, wood screws, and some 1/4″ bolts to attach the rack rails to the frame. The rails I picked up from Parts Express and they give me 12U of rack space for equipment that hangs straight down. The whole thing is on wheels and is very sturdy once it’s all together. The equipment I have in there weighs about 120 pounds and it’s easy to roll around.

Download the Google SketchUp Model file here that has the specific dimensions: Small Equipment Rack