The Blame Game

Maybe it’s just me… but don’t you find it odd that Obama can be so quick and certain to blame the oil spill on BP.. but can’t bring himself to link islamic terrorists to the many attempted attacks on our soil since he’s been in office? Whatever this mental disorder is it appears to affect all the top whitehouse staff.. curious no? Oh and lets not forget Emmanuel Goldstein George Bush… this guy must have really been cleverly evil for all the things he’s still getting blamed for.

Top 10 Positive Things About The Greek Bailout

Free grecian formula for all Doing it ‘Greek Style’ now involves rioting First step in destroying the EU and the Euro Vacationing in Europe suddenly affordable Productivity of striking Greek workers not much different than usual Irony of the current biggest failing state bailing out the former seat of the Roman empire lost on most Turns the IMF into a leg breaking loan shark scapegoat Gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ getting smaller Giving investors who missed the rally another chance to buy at low prices Money given to Europe can be given back when the US needs bailed out in a few years.

RFID: The Next Big Thing in Retail and Municipal Surveillance

Continuing on yesterdays posting about RFID recycling bins. It seems our own city council wasn’t aware of the tags either until after the Tara Servatius show where she covered the story (after I scooped her army of research interns). Reading a little more about these.. it seems to be a world wide phenomenon as these chipped cans are showing up in cities and many countries around the world.. with much the same negative reception.

CharMeck is broke.. but has money to track our garbage!

A couple months ago the city left what I thought was a second garbage bin in front of my house. It took me a week or so to figure out it was actually supposed to be for me.. as I’d not heard about it or expected it. Turns out it’s a big ‘recycling cart’ which is the same size as the usual rolling garbage cans. I have absolutely no use for it.

Obama Supports A Coup In Isreal

Since when do we go around trying totopple one of our allies?? Sources in the Obama Administration and the US Congress have confirmed to the Middle East Newsline that the White House and State Department have sought to destabilize Netanyahu’s government … the campaign sought to replace Netanyahu with opposition leader and former foreign minister Tsipi Livni. In April 2010, former U.S. ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, began a series of attacks on Netanyahu in the Israeli media.

First NC Tea Party

A good turnout at the first state level NC tea party. I see a few signs and pitchforks… but overall a peaceful gathering… speeches, music, cheering and clapping. The local media is keeping a low profile but I do see the channel 9 news van and someone from channel 3. I also see a few photographers working their way through the crowd.. interesting to see how this gets covered. Sent via BlackBerry

The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

This quote from Voltaire is a good one to keep in mind when you find yourself trapped and unable to make forward progress with something. In particular I’m talking to our ‘best and brightest’ who are running the market and the economy into the ground with their doom and gloom.. and lack of a specific plan. There are lots of good ideas being put out there… just not by anyone in DC.

Charlotte's Web of Issues

One hot topic in Charlotte lately is the city seeking the ability to ban smoking in all public places. This wouldn’t seem so bad if they were not including privately owned bars and restaurants as ‘public places’. I have no doubt they will succeed in getting this passed… the question will then be one of enforcement. There are some real (and growing) crime problems in charlotte and yet there will be people assigned to enforce the latest ‘tidy town’ rules of the week of which the smoking ban is just the latest.